World Book Day 2017

2nd March 2017

It was lovely to see all the children (and staff) dressed up in the most amazing costumes to celebrate World Book Day. 

This year the teachers brought in a favourite book to school and planned afternoon activities based on the stories. They introduced the books and then the children could choose which class they wanted to go to so they could hear the story.

Miss Williams (aka Winnie the Witch) had chosen Mr Seahorse and the children in her group made some beautiful seahorses.

Mrs Lomas (aka Gangsta Granny) chose The Rainbow Fish and her children made some very artistic rainbow fish.

Mrs Wakefield (aka Mary Poppins) read an excerpt from How to Train Your Dragon. The children also got to see an exciting film clip. The children in her group went on to design ‘mood’ dragons using colours that would show the emotions of their dragons.

In the Upper Juniors class, Miss Lawes (aka Stone Age warrior) read passages from Wolf Brother, a story about a Stone Age boy, and her group of children took part in a drama session based on the reading.

All the children had the opportunity to show their work and perform their drama the next day at Friday’s celebration assembly.