Parent Feedback

Parent Feedback following our Transformation Evening (November 2017)

'Honestly I’m not a soft touch but I was blown away with transformation evening.

Obviously well planned with remembrance, but what better way is there to make remembrance Sunday so understood!

It was, in my opinion, one of the best transformation evenings. Not only had the staff put so much effort, ideas and enthusiasm into it, but the children where outstanding.  They clearly loved the war topic (including the girls) and the fact that all the children dressed up too - it was so brilliant.

Obviously the children were changing roles but in particular Marie was brilliant. She explained about rations and what I had to do.  When I got one wrong, after a chuckle with me, she went on to tell me exactly why I got it wrong.

One little one read out all of words to write in my diary.

Erin made me a beautiful poppy, which now in my car, and Asa showed me the air raid siren (what a brilliant idea).  The fact that the kids all ran under the table had me in stitches, with Asa’s cheeky grin with the all clear. They all took their roles very seriously.

Flanders field was actually really moving, the idea with the graves.   The WW1 tanks and battle dioramas were super.

No mans land, the clay medals and the beautiful poppy wreaths were brilliant.

Finishing with the singing.

Thank you all for what you help our kids learn in such a brilliant way.

I genuinely thought tonight was fantastic.

Ok, so I’m a bit of a soft touch! But it was still brilliant.

Thank you.'

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