Lewknor School is OUTSTANDING!

4th April 2017

Oxfordshire County Council recently carried out an inspection of our school and found it OUTSTANDING across the board.


School Improvement Leader Sandra North writes in her report: ‘‘All indications are that Lewknor is an aspirational and ambitious school, working at an outstanding level.’’


Her report also says: ‘‘There are high expectations across the school with committed staff. Lesson observations show that teaching is always good and often outstanding, and the support staff work at a high level. All children have focused interventions, resulting from marking and feedback. There are timetabled interventions for all children, sometimes individualised, sometimes in groups. Interventions are planned following marking, and are fluid responding to need and developing confidence. With such detailed knowledge of each pupil, the staff can tailor the learning to their needs. The school moderates writing across the partnership and involves secondary colleagues.’’


The report also mentions that the children have good learning attitudes, take pride in their work and that their behaviour is excellent. Sandra was impressed to see that the older children ran lunchtime clubs for the younger ones.


The report states: ‘‘The behaviour across the school is excellent. There is a strong caring attitude with the children in Year 5 and 6 looking after the younger children. The school provides opportunities for the children to share their learning with the school community, with open evenings and transformation evenings. The weekly Friday assemblies are very well supported and appreciated.’’


On ‘Leadership and Management’, the report says: ‘‘Outstanding – pupils and staff excel, there are high expectations for all with disadvantaged learners making good progress. The school is well-supported and challenged by governors. The school is reflective with high levels of professional debate.’’


On ‘Teaching, Learning and Assessment’, the report says: ‘‘Outstanding – there is a high level of professional trust, and high levels of child-led learning. The pupils are involved in designing the curriculum and are motivated to learn. There has been a focus on maths using a Lesson Study Model, which has had a good impact on teaching and learning.’’


On ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, the report says: ‘‘Outstanding – the Reception teacher is a creative, committed and inspirational practitioner. Some children come in with relative low levels but make very good progress.’’


On ’Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare’, the report says: ‘‘Outstanding - the children have excellent attitudes to their learning and are proud of their school, confident to discuss issues and can empathise with others. There are strong relationships between children and staff, attendance is good and there is very little low-level disruption. A Reflection Room is used for putting things right and children are often able to resolve their differences (themselves).‘’


And finally, on ‘Outcomes for Pupils’, the report says: ‘‘Outstanding - standards are high across the school, and the school is confident with its approach through the curriculum.’’


I would like to thank all the staff—teachers, teaching assistants and office staff—for all their hard work. Our dream team is fully committed to ensuring that each and every child at Lewknor has the very best education and that they reach their full potential in all aspects of life. I would also like to thank our school community—parents, grandparents, church members, villagers—for your support. We could not do what we do without it!


The full report is available to read below.


Mrs Cole