Judo Club Championships

12th February 2017

Children who attend our school’s judo club were invited to take part in the Stokenchurch Judo Club Championships—and came away with medals galore.

It was an early start on Sunday 12th February for the judo contestants (judoka) who had to arrive at the High Wycombe Judo Centre by 9.30am in their bright white judogi (judo suits) with a packed lunch, plenty to drink and family members to support them! The day finally finished around 5pm.

Rosie, Elodie, Annie, Meira, Leah, Callum, James, Kieran, Laurence and Eva all gave up their Sunday to compete and did fantastically well.

Callula, who helps Sensei Ron at our judo club each week, was also competing and helping reassure and encourage the Lewknor children. I’m pleased to say that Josie who started our judo club in Year 6 before moving onto secondary school has continued with judo and also attended the championship. The children were all extremely brave as for some of them this was their very first time competing at an organised event.

Vicky, mum of Callula, Elodie, Meira and Laurence, said: ‘‘The children walked into the centre which boasts two large judo mats (tatami) and was full of children, instructors and families unknown to them but they didn’t let this bother them and eagerly jumped on the mat, fighting hard against opponents in their weight range.’’

Children need to learn not only the various basic skills (such as breakfalls), groundwork and throws but also the terminology and etiquette whilst training in the dojo (place where judo is practised). Some terminology the children will become familiar with include: hajime (begin), matte (wait), ippon (full point), Sensei (teacher/senior), shido (penalty) and other judo related facts such as the name of the man who established judo (Dr Kano) as well as the year (1882).

We are very proud of all the children for taking part in the championships despite many of them understandably feeling a little anxious initially. I know Sensei Ron was very proud of them too. Their dedication, hard work and achievements are clear to see – well done children!

Many thanks to Sensei Ron, his wife Jean, Stokenchurch Judo Club instructors/members and all the kind volunteers, many of whom travelled many miles and gave up their Sunday to put on such a brilliant day for the children’s benefit.