Crime Investigation

9th January 2015

On returning to school this term, the Upper Juniors found their classroom had been turned upside down and some children even found their perfect pounds missing! This was a crime scene and the Upper Juniors had to use their detective skills in order to solve the mystery!

They started by using observation skills and looked around the room for clues. They were then told about some evidence that had already been acquired by the ‘police’ – shoe scrapings. Apparently, Mrs Ashby had been spreading some carpet deodoriser in the hall and ICT room when the incident occurred. The ‘police’ suggested that if the shoe scrapings showed evidence of this substance then the owner of the shoe would be a prime suspect. The children discovered that if they added vinegar to the carpet deodoriser there was a reaction and so they tested the scrapings…

They discovered that the possible suspects were: Mrs Williams, Mr Pace and Mrs Ashby.

They then learnt how people could use the fingerprints that were around the room in order to hopefully reduce the list of suspects. They were able to use their newly learnt knowledge to match some of the finger prints to some of the suspects: Mrs Cole and Mr Pace.

The children were then able to conclude that the most likely culprit was Mr PACE as he was the only one who came up in both investigations.

The question they need to ask now is… what will happen next?