Friends of Lewknor School (FoLS)

FOLS Re-Launch Newsletter 


Hello my name is Louise and I am the recently elected Chair of FOLS. When I was approached for this role, I began to think about what I could bring to FOLS and what FOLS could do for the school and YOUR child. Here are my thoughts.


My family have been a member of this school family since 2019 and I remember quite vividly what attracted my husband and I to this special place. It was kindness. A small but mighty school bursting with love and kindness. This is created by community. I remember my son and I feeling so nervous that very first day we entered the school playground but as we walked through the gates there were children playing and smiling parent faces welcoming us even though they didn’t know us yet. I know I paint an idyllic picture and of course life at school is not all roses but fundamentally the school community; the pupils, teachers, parents seem to be driven by the same objective, kindness. And when a community has kindness as its foundation it creates a special energy that reaches far and wide.


I talk about this because I believe that our school community, family, has been deeply impacted by the pandemic. There are families that have joined the school in the last 2/3 years that have not had the privilege to truly see the special community that exists here. We have been forced to be separated which has impacted how we come together and engage with each other. We have been unable to celebrate in assemblies, we have had to cancel our events, we can not gather at the school gates. All of these places are where we breathe life in to our community.


Now is the time to build up our community again, I want FOLS to foster those special relationships, to show our children what a special place Lewknor is because of this kindness and love that we all pour in to it.


In the past I feel that FOLS has been perceived as an exclusive or daunting organisation but I ask you to reconsider this perception. FOLS exists to enhance our childrens lives at Lewknor School, all of our children deserve the very best education and we exist to help fill the gaps where funding is lacking. We exist to help foster and nurture a community of people with the same focus, our children. You are all part of FOLS, no matter what your role. Some of us can sit on the committee, some of us will attend the events, some of us will help fundraise, some of us will bake cakes, craft costumes but no matter what your role, we are all part of the same family.


Please help us build this community again. I encourage you to read our communications and to talk to us with any thoughts and ideas you may have, they are all important. Contact me directly if you would like, my email is


We have some wonderful events that we hoping to announce this year, keep an eye out for more details and dates in the coming weeks:


  • Summer Fete
  • Bingo Nights
  • Childrens Film Nights
  • Sports Day Celebration
  • Bags2School
  • Mufti Days
  • FOLS Meetings


I really look forward to meeting more of you over this next year, it is an exciting time to be a part of FOLS and really make a difference to our little but powerful family.


Best wishes,





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